The issue

I wanted in this instance to create a simple staff list with information such as Roles, Bios and Emails assigned to each Staff member (a custom post type I created).

So this is something pretty straight forward and easy to achieve if you know basic php and uses Advanced Custom Fields(ACF). But this time I just wanted to do everything with the Uncode theme and didn’t wanted to spend time editing the theme.

Uncode offers custom fields that you can create and use and it will display in the Post list/grid. So really, why not use it. Well.. one reason why I didn’t want to use it as is was that I didn’t want my customer/client to go in the backend and go on the page and have to scroll all the way down to the Uncode Page Options then try to find the custom fields.

The work around – Why not use both.

Why not use both ACF fields so that it shows up in the top part?

Step 1:

Turn on Field Keys in Screen options. So that you can see the Key.

Step 2:

Create your ACF fields but change the name so that it matches the Key with “acf-” in front.
e.g if your key is field_5cfa33a12cc48, rename your field acf-field_5cfa33a12cc48.

Step 3:

In Uncode Theme Options, go to your custom fields in your custom post and create a corresponding field. e.g Role and rename it acf-field_5cfa33a12cc48

Step 4:

If you want to display a list of custom post with custom fields. Just add a post element and go to the tab module. Then add “role” from the staff element. Et voila, it will display your Role.